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Hello, my name is Aka, mom, wife and the photographer behind Akanesssharks.com. This is my little world where I spy and capture everything that matters to me. I have a little girl Indigo and she is surely a wild thing (must take it after her father) and we live in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and still in love with this harbour city.  I love spicy food, wine and French movies.  I also love traveling (that's how I met my wanderlust husband.) and when we do, we often wander off the busy areas and just see what happens. I have to say, not all the wanderers are lost, and I am still consistently learning that every day. 

I get nostalgic pretty easily just by thinking about how on earth those paths that we have come across, or the fragile fragments that we couldn't hold onto and such such. (It gets worse when you become a parent).  All those sweet and bitter stuffs, aren't them just so precious? I am personally quite an emotional person, I love feeling nostalgic and sentimental, and I adore those imperfections. That's why I would love to be there for you, there's no split seconds are too little to be seen, it's about all the little things. 

It's not just relive the moments from looking at them, to me, it's more like those moments are reborn. So maybe we can have those memories reborn over and over again like an addict. Upon coffee tables and wine glasses, underneath sunshine and moonshine, let's collect all of these moments, together.

Am I just being soppy or what?! Told you I am an emotional person.

Anyways, I look forward to hearing from you

Stay nostalgic,

xxx Aka





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