{ Inspiration } Oh, Blue Monday....again.

Monday, what else can I say? After glorious weekend and now piles of work awaiting ahead, there's no such thing can stop my itchy hands jumping between random site from another. Apart from lunch menu, nothing really caught my attention, and then,  a little quote within cute typos came across my screen(Don't ask, you know it's procrastination), somehow it did light me up a bit.

Of course, inspiring quotes sound a bit tacky, a bit...well, too healthy. But just to know the fact that quotes are from smart and great people, so bare with me, my friend. I want to share a few nice quotes with you all, to kill blue Monday this witch. And hopefully everyone will have a wonderful monday as well!

Oh, do you realise that those quotes I picked are kind of tough one? Maybe that's how I wanted.

Let us toughen up and soldier on on this blue monday.

xxx Aka

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