{ My footprints } Postcards from Clare Valley

The A team, Andrew and I visited Clare Valley for a weekend away at the end of October. Clare Valley is the place where you can indulge yourself in endless Riesling wines, and feed your eyes with the great views of the green hills and flowers.

Where we stayed in Montaro is a 150 years old house, the furniture, the fireplace, every thing make me wonder what is life like 150 years ago. The neighbouthood also reveals how much people precious and care about the history, they made the tags in front of every preserved households or facilities to show their times and function. I was really amazed how much efforts they have made to maintain the whole town within all these years. It's great to have this touch that someone in this generation still care about history this much.


A decoration on the wall in our accommodation

Old petrol station

Even the old train line has stopped years ago, but they have changed it into a nice breezy riding trail for anyone who wants to have a close look, or relive the memories of go through the paths that people back in 150years ago had relied on.

It's a good way to let the man to do the hard work...

Love how vivid that purple is...

The squinter!
This restaurant plants their artichokes and other herbs...yum!

How incredible is this garden...

I have absolutely great time in Clare Valley, it's modest yet beautiful. Hope every one has a chance to experience what we have there! And yet, there are more adventures ahead of us....

xxx Aka