Valentine's Ideas: Mini Cupid Arrows with mini card

Hello my friend,

How is every one's Australia Day? Summer is definitely the busiest time in Australia, all the big holidays all squeeze in this time frame and we just can't get enough! Coming soon will be the notorious Valentine's Day and summer certainly adds some more heat to it.( The ideas burn out as well and it gets harder every year if you do it yourself...) So after a bit of brainstorming, I went back to simplicity and had this super simple yet lovely idea: mini heart-shaped arrows.  It's soooooo simple and the materials are very easy to find or to be replaced. I actually don't think I really need to post the instruction because you know I just glued paper on the sticks. So what I am going to share is how I modify the materials and uses.

Here is what you need:

*A lover/ a few lovers. (just kidding, you can share your love to anyone.)

*Paper- if you have coloured paper then you don't really need the paints.

*Paints- I use watercolour this time because I like the soft touch it gives.

*Skewer sticks/ tooth picks- I couldn't find any toothpicks so I cut the sticks instead.



p.s 1: You can also use washi tape to make it, I think washi tape would probably save more time but my washi tapes are not really fit the Valentine's vibe.

p.s 2: I also used some rose pot pourri to decorate the macarons. You also can use them on everything for this event. They make everything smell great and romantic. I bought these raspberry flavoured macarons and they smell like roses after the photo shoots. Ohh, I really love this kind of surprise.

The other reason I like these mini arrows is they are so versatile. You can play them around on every thing you can think of. I have a few ways to use this cute little arrows:

1. Desert toppers. So go make anything sweet and place them in each piece. Make them heart shapes to step up to another level.

2. Make a card. Who can resist a handmade card says " be my valentine" with little arrows and hearts.

3. Plant decors. It will look great with your pot plants and if your gift is a tiny succulent pot, they will look cute together.

4. Ornaments. You can tie/ stick them to the windows, fridge, branches, backdrops...etc.

5. A cocktail/ mocktail stirrer. I made a jar of sangria and poured them into some chubby glasses. Make some long arrows and stab a couple watermelon pieces then put them into the drinks. What a good party topic as well!!

And most importantly, let's celebrate!!

xxx Aka


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