Sydney Living Museums

Hello my friend! How's your new year eve? Have you picked up the party mood and are ready for the whole new year? It is a bit hard to face the fact that we all have to get back to work but I can still survive because it's still SUMMER in Sydney!!! (Please don't hate me) Holding the purpose of not-to-waste-summer-time, Andrew and I had a small trip down to Museum of Sydney last Saturday. I have to admit that it is such a shame that we have never been to this little place where preserves tons of historical fun. I didn't know there are so many interesting knowledges and art works within beautiful designed displays. Sydney just like other metropolitan cities in the world and Museum of Sydney stood out to be one of my favourties. Here are some of my reasons:

Spice trading

Fleet skewers

Original Governor house

Firstly, it is built from the first governor house in Australia. This building surrounded by numbers of skyscraper and tourists come from Circular Quay, that reveals difficulties for its maintenance. I love its humbleness even though you can only see some pieces of original. If you are like me, a girl moved to this harbour city with love, there might be more fascinating facts about its history.

Secondly, it is not a grand-mom style museum, all of the displays and installations are very thoughtful and joyful. I don't want to be a spoiler but I have to say the interactive devices of historical story telling were quite impressive. We actually stayed quite a while in terms of the building size.

MoS Cafe

Outside of museum

Lastly, all the themes and display rooms are related to our daily lives. We get to see exactly how people dine, table setting, and the pictures on the wall are amazing! Also, Museum of Sydney plays a role with Sydney Living Museums which include most important museums and historical houses. Go to their website to check out what's on, especially dining event! ( for me)

I probably still talk too much, but I hope every one who has never been there can give it a try. At the end of the trip, do't forget to try the food in the museum Cafe/ bar, the food is great there as well!

Have a great week, my friend!

xxx Aka