The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Original image// Unsplash, graphic//me

I know it's a bit late to talk about this move, I am sure that the related articles might be everywhere already but I still want to talk about this because my love to this move was crazy enough to make me dream about those quotes and images since I sat on the cinema chair with tons inspirations few weeks back. Not to mention the humongous screen dragged me into the ocean, the mountains and the air with Walter Mitty and his fear. I guess you might know what I actually want to talk about. I would like to talk about my own fear.

 I grew up in a small city packed with concrete jungles and horrible traffic and I viewed the world from the bottom of the well because that's what every one think around me. Then I firstly walked up to somewhere near top of  Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, the pathetic me firstly realised that I seriously am afraid of height and I was totally crushed. No matter how much Andrew was trying to comfort me, I felt injured like something smacked out my soul of me, no kidding. If I have not been to that lookout, I wouldn't know how scary it is but same if I've never been there then I wouldn't know my view of the world still very naive. I hate that feeling of thinking about how high it was and I did some research, the best ways to overcome this problem is go back and face it. Really?

The other fear of mine is I couldn't really focus on what I really want. I've always hoped that I can do something more true to myself and live to the fullest and I did make changes like trying to learn scuba diving or different languages. I did feel better when I am motivated to do something different and here comes those days I was stuck with heaps so-called inspirations and still achieved nothing. Sometimes I couldn't help thinking about maybe dreams are cursed when you open eyes and they only appear when you close your eyes. Or they are just very naughty? I guess It is not just about being bold and taking risks, for me, it's about not to overthink. That's one of the reasons to create this blog and I also believe this is a good way to connect my inner self with others.

 Anyways, these are my fears and how about you? Do you have any fear to overcome?

p.s. I played around some photos with the quote in the move'' To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw close, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life". I find it absolutely beautiful and the original photos you can find it from COFFEE IN THE MOUNTAINS and Unsplash.

xxx Aka