Bitter Sweet

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I have been thinking about making a moodboard for a while, so I started to search around then I found blush is such a beautiful colour and the resources are easy to find. Most girls secretly or officially love this dreamy colour so might not be too hard to deal with since I have never done anything like this. Honestly, I struggled massively trying to put all the pieces together and make sure the gaps are consistent, heaps redos and undos and finally I got it done. The time I spent probably can let me make a tableful of feast if nothing goes wrong. It was really a challenge making things nicely together because the more I stared at the photos I wanted to use, the more urges come up to my head. Or just I am too messy? Unlike some of girls growing up as a scrapbooking expert( which I wish I could be one) I was the tv kid watching non-stop cartoons and I still am that kid today. Oops, that just leaked out..

Anyway, I believe it is a very good training to maintain a nice balance, leave the unnecessaries and stay simple. Another lesson from the mundane today.

Nearly weekend, hang on guys!!


p.s. If you like my image collections, why not check out my Pinteres, it could be on your moodboards as well!


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