Who says you can't be creative?

Original drawing by Andrew Innes,  editing by me.

I was struggling to create my new logo idea because I want a vector logo that I can use it anywhere then Andrew kept saying he can do better than me. After so many of " Let me draw it!!! ", I gave up my laptop and let him freestyle and he insisted no tips for him at all, and voila!! I love it when I saw it, it's raw with his own style and even he laughed at it as it's silly and I still decided to make it a pattern/textile. What do you think guys? Sometimes I think it's a gift to do everything freely like this, especially I am always overthinking.

Lastly, TGIF guys! What are you doing this weekend? We are going to try boat dive this weekend at Magic Point, apparently its specialty is seeing sharks, surely we will have a good time! Can't wait!

xxx Aka