Get ready for April

Graphic design by me

The seasons certainly have paced up to its exchanges, and also the days, then we are having April with us just at the doorstep. April to me, comes with endless rain, beautiful scents of the washed green and blossoms, and I love the feeling of the subtle changes, that made me a bit sentimental and grateful that I had such a great summer/winter.

Continuing my desktop calendar series, I tried to keep the style of this series constant. The concept of this design is based on the beautiful blossoms, and pedal colour to give the image a soft spring-like touch. I found it challenging to get the flower image resource and was struggle with my composition since I don't want to reuse the black and white style. In the end,  I am very happy about what it came up! Sometimes it's hard to experiment without thinking about the outcomes and I guess the best way to push it just keep doing it till you finish it. What do you think? Anyways, just simply click on the image to link to the original image and voila!

Have a good week and stay dry!



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