Hear Us

Quote and graphic by me.

Beside the headlines of the missing Malaysian plane and the conflicts between Ukraine and Russia, there are some things happening in my homeland, Taiwan. Taiwan, is where I come from and its national identity is always lot of debates involved.

Firstly, I disgust to spoil my little space with this horrible matter, but gosh, I really hate Taiwanese politics and under this circumstance, things are getting a little bit too hot to handle. Last couple days, my friends went silence protest, and the tension was just off the grid. I won't say anything about the details of the protest and how government transforms the truth and slaughter people's right alive because I don't wish to mislead anyone.  But if you are a little bit curious about what's happening, please check on some news about Taiwan. I know Taiwan is a small island, most people don't even know it is one hour flight from Hong Kong, and South Korea, but it's a place you can find people with cultures, characters and respects. Sometimes I do act like a kid who doesn't give a damn and live my own life chasing fairies in my own world. I never really watch news and this just brought me tears. We Taiwanese have tried so hard to have a place to stand in the world and we never stop contributing to this world. It's real life not hanger games!!Maybe I am being a bit emotional but who doesn't want to live in a healthy society and work hard together to make the world better?

Secondly, I would love to address that hypocrite is hypocrite and there's no alternatives to change the fact. I can't believe that democracy now is democrazy and people's voice are being ignored in front of every one. If this ignorance is not crazy, what is? I am very proud of those civilians who have strong will to go on the streets and fight for the freedom. Wisdom includes the ability of distinguishing right and wrong, and there's big difference between riot and rebel. However, the government's response to people was just simply absurd. I feel in pain because my country is in pain, I know we are just the easiest prey in front of the giant. I know a country like us is hard to raise international attention worldwide and it is controversy. But hello world, we are humans and we live hard too, we definitely need your supports and notice! Don't look the other way because we are not so familiar/ far away to you, every little help helps.


Anyways, too much anger and grief in this post and I wish the situation will change very soon. Share you a few quotes that I found on Pinterest.

I found them cheering and hopefully you can always stand for your right and what you fight for in life.

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Thank you for listening/ reading, and this is what we really need.


Enjoy your day


xxx Aka