Taste of Sydney

 Hi guys, how's your weekend? Mine was pretty busy and mouthful! We attended a food event held in Centennial park last Saturday, called" Taste of Sydney". It's not really a secret that Andrew and I love cooking and trying out restaurants, tasting some good food and fine wines, especially some nice restaurants have special dishes particularly for this kind of event. Share you guys the pics I took on Saturday, and attention: photos might have some alcohol involved...

This one is my picture of the day!! Love the Scooter!

Also, there are a few points that I love:

1. Bean bags. So every one can just relax and chat while sharing the food and drinks.

2. Decoration. Every shop is different and well prepared, some are very cheeky, and some are very sophisticated. The other part I love is most of the shops used lots green elements to stay refreshing and organic.

3. Drinks. I am not saying I am alcoholic, but some of the brands there were very new to me, and they did a good job to impress me. 

4. Our luck(!). Apparently, it rained in the evening and we went to the afternoon session. Lucky us!!

Every venders made so much efforts to impress the guests

I love that Swedish cocktail

Whose legs are these?!!! They are not real human legs by the way...

That cocktail hit the spot in a hot day

 There are quite a few surprises as well, look at how Andrew smashed that monkey's arm!!

Oh, you might see Non-human and non-animal there but the alcohol beverage is real!!! Haha I am just joking.  Beside wine tastings, you can also so Japanese sake tasting, all you need to do is just book it!

Finally, share you our toasts with Expresso Martini!!! Have a good week guys!!

xxx Aka


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