Take Me Away

Well, guys, I am taking next week off to Phuket for holiday, and this is my first holiday this year so I am freegin' excited! Why said "first"? Because it sounds more exciting to me!! (But I do have other 2 coming up, yeah!) 

I am sure any girl like me would overthink before the vacation, and might "accidentally" make some purchases before the actually holiday, like new bikini, new hat, well, basically new everything. (If you didn't do it, then it's not really a holiday, it's more like an escape in my standard...) So for me, this time is kinda an escape since I haven't done any irrational shopping yet and we are flying this Sunday, so I can say the goal is to be relax and enjoy the humidity and infinity pools in tropical heaven. Life is good, isn't it? Even coming up, still lots challenges await us, but we have to recharge our souls in some ways, at least that's what I think. Don't you think?

Secondly, there are also some tips from my experiences about traveling:

1. Do not pack up too many accessories, only if you are sponsored(?!), otherwise you will end up being too cautious or losing them. That's not a very good memory.

2. Enjoy the actual moment, it's good to have beautiful images to tell the story but the most important part is sharing good times with your beloved companies.

3. Be kind, even you are not sure what is the local food content on the table, don't make a scene. You can calmly say no.

4. Don't be afraid of being lost, we love lost, that's how we found super tasty Udon in Osaka last year. 

5. Make sure you have different levels of restaurants, so then you can criticise about the food fairly. 

Lastly, although I didn't do the shopping, that doesn't mean any of you couldn't have some inspirations from my current favs, for you who are about to embrace the summer, lucky you as well!!

Have a dry week!! Heheheh

xxx Aka


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