Happy Easter!!

Image collage by me

Happy Easter, guys!!! It's always great to have a super long weekend, isn't it? We just got back from Thailand not so long ago, and we have been to wineries last weekend as well, it's a bit too much to go away again, especially I am going back home for 3 weeks.(guilty!!) So what's your plan, my friend? Are you having something big with your family and friends or just do a small reunion lunch like ours? Are you going to indulge yourselves somewhere tropical and exotic or you rather staying home with movies and popcorn?  No matter what you do, I am sure it's going to be a great one. We work hard, we deserve a little break, don't we?

Say no more, dedicate to you the print that I made for this special occasion. Have fun and enjoy your holiday!

xx Aka


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