Hey! Stop bugging me!!!

Photo collage by me

Recently, somethings have been bugging me and I can't get rid of them from my head. One of them is actually quite silly and I just don't know why I just can't let it go. One of them even cause a major procrastination for past few days. Alright, here is the thing: last week I watched The Face Australia on television. Firstly, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Nicole Trunfio and then her outfit in the show. That's a black crop top and a  black skirt with pink draped strip on the side. Couple days later, I still can't remove that image out of my mind so I started to search it. Sadly I couldn't find it anywhere with a brand, a shop or the designer. I became really obsessed, and couldn't stop myself googling it with all the possible key words it might be when my hands are free. This frustration of finding nothing absolute bugged me like crazy. I don't necessary have to own it but I hate the feeling of not knowing the answers. Oh, dear, what should I do?

I also found it amazing that how people find a word which is completely not relevant and at the end of the day, that word is actually unbeatable to describe an abstract thing/ thought. Like this word, bug. I don't hate bugs, I am quite fascinated about how pretty the colours they can have sometimes. But some kind of them scared the hell out of me. Once they started making their own opera with that mechanic sound and fly, I would run and freak out with all my soul, seriously. Andrew once took me to a botanic garden in the mountain, and it became one darn nigntmare. To Andrew was my reactions ruined his romantic intentions, to me was I really couldn't handle that fear and I just wanted to cover my eyes and ears and,  of course, RUN.  Now, after height, there's another one on my horror list. Look at the bright side, I guess the silver lining is probably this collage I made today. I might have a series after this, even.

Anyways, there are still too many. So my friend, do you have something you jus't can't let go besides boys/girls? Or you have something not very huge but bugging you like me?

Hope you all can spray the fear/ worries, being bug free:)