Back from Phuket!!

Images photographed and designed by me

Hello guys, I am so happy that we are back from Thailand!! There's a saying about traveling is the purpose of traveling is go home, and I can't agree more. It's a very short trip and I decided not to use my laptop and social medias entire trip but it doesn't mean I did nothing at beach, we just can't help ourselves and fill in our agenda with so many fun stuffs. I guess it's just our style, we can't stay on the beach and do nothing exciting. Since this is my first time to Phuket, so we certainly tried out many things we didn't expected we would do at all, such as taking motorbike taxi without a helmet( This one is for Andrew, ha! ) or let tiny fishes eat our dead skin....

Phi Phi Island

The beach is definitely the main attraction here, and I have to admit that Phi Phi Island is really magnificent, even the water is about 10 meters deep, still having that incredible greenish blue. We did one day tour around Phi Phi Island and it's just a lovely experience with gentle waves. I love the colour underwater  is so clean and shinny, just like a dream. Despite the traveling time on the speedboat was way too long that we got fairly bit sun burn, it's still an unforgettable fun time visiting this special Island. 

The other part of view is human...

Monkey beach, they said...

We walked around the neighbourhood a lot and it's another way to observe the culture. We also signed up one day tour to cookery school to learn how to make authentic Thai food, and it was just amazing. We made the best Pad Thai we have even tasted and all the ingredients are from the market daily. I have to say staying in a tourist spot is not gonna take you to the good food, because lot of them don't seek regular customers. Seafood here are enormous. Try jumbo tiger prawns if you are curious what the taste like but they are just the gimmicks, some of them might not be fresh...

Look at my sun burnt knees...I don't even remember when was last time I got sunburnt 

Local market started at 3a.m. daily

Freshly made curry paste, emm smells fantastic!

I really enjoyed these Thai donuts

Running through the streets

The view from the cookery school

We made the green curry paste from scratch then cooked it with chicken, I ate them all...

Cocktail time!! Without a glass of classic cocktail, watching sunset, then this is not a vacation!

Some snap shots...

The tree with green joints....haha

Chicken just jumped to the tree top....

Once again, it's amazing trip and we are so blessed that the weather forecast didn't behave that it should be, even we got caught by the rain occasionally but it always stopped at the most important timings. 

And we both got cold on the flight back,  and the moral of the story is be aware of the overnight flight's temperature, not to mention now is getting chilly in Sydney...(Sniff)

Have a good week and stay warm

xxx Aka


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