Home and Away

Image taken and edited by me

Haven't updated this little place for a while, since I visited my hometown for 3 weeks right after Easter holidays. The reason(or excuse) that I couldn't update much is I traveled among different suburbs and cities a lot and it's not very easy to carry my camera around. This experience also made me realise that I really need to fire my four years old Blackberry to achieve better phone camera quality!! So far people still can't believe that I don't have Instagram or Lime. Oh well, it's really hard to get rid of something easily just because it's old especially it still has lots of memories with it. I guess I cherish my past strongly but on the other hand, I also enjoy the excitements of moving forward. Just like every time I went back home spending time with family and friends, all kinds of new and old emotions bubbled up strongly like the high tide and I couldn't help feeling vulnerable. I miss my home as soon as I was in the plane but I know I am ready to embrace the different sky.

I have a very nice family and close friends back home and apart from them is never easy. What I want to say is it's hard to stay at the same place forever but also very hard to leave to the different places all the time. I think I am like a sailor. I love feeling the solitude and freedom when I drift but also afraid of not knowing where to land. I love feeling the earth supporting me firmly and knowing that I will never sink. It's a massive contradiction and I believe no one has the answer. So I find myself a solution: if I drift then I will try my best to swim with joy, if I land then I will make sure I can run with jump up kicks.

Anyways, as usual I will share with you some photos I took when I was away and I apologise there are not enough photos of my lovely home town!!!!

Kayaks on beach

Mountains in Taiwan and I was too slow for the sun set

Taiwan airport wall installation with poems

My birthday cake surround by my best friends


HK airport

Lots great Japanese restaurants in Taipei

I love Bondi

Olive trees

Hope you all find your own inner peace

xxx Aka