Dive In

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I had a quick diving trip during my visits in Taiwan a couple weeks ago and I was pretty lucky to witness some great surprises from the nature. There were substantial amount of corals among cliffs underwater and couldn't just forget about closing my mouth and gave a "wow" expression. I am not a very good swimmer and I seriously can't swim in the ocean if I have no goggles on. The fear against the depth still couldn't outweigh my love to scuba diving. Once I have my gear on, all I think is get me out of the surface and I jump with a big smile.

What I love about the ocean? It's the master who guide me out of the anxiety and it's the creator who show me the beauty. I love the haziness from the sun ray and floating sand, I love the excitements founding creatures unexpected, the uncertainness of fear to the depth and pressure, the self conversations embraced by the bubbles. Every thing underwater is that dreamy and peaceful even sometimes it does make you vulnerable and weak but you know that's part of the charm. I confess that I should definitely do it more often.

Diving is definitely something special to me and some of my friends as well, we share the vision together without languages , just forget about the worries for a few minutes and we loosen and listen then sink and see.

I recommended every one who wants to try something different to give diving a go. It's beautiful and exciting. You can try out the one off diving with any experienced instructor just to see what happens. And diving is good practise for being calm(so that your tank won't run out too quickly) and a great meditation for short escape too!!

Happy new week guys

xxx Aka

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