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Hi every one, sorry about my lack of updates lately. But I have good news for you and me for sure. The good news is  I finally have a new phone, a very fresh and shape good phone that I can't describe the depth of my love to it. Why is it a good news? Because I have been drooling to every one who can share the photos with those beautiful filters on Instagram and of course my big love VSCO. So any of you might be interested, go check

 my VSCO page.

 I will have also make the icon for them but I haven't got time to settle them. Need to wait till I come back from Europe or if I have spare time and internet there. 

I use app to collage my images, big time saver!!

I have to be honest, it's way easier to update random photos from the phone as well. If you are wondering where is she, this lazy blogger? Go check my VSCO and Instagram. Now the photos on both of them are similar because I am still testing my filter and the outcome of the images, but in the future I will leave the better image on VSCO due to its vibe and my little lifestyle images will be on Instagram frequently so that you can see another side of my life without waiting for my slow blog updates. Now I am in a mess trying to get ready for my vacation with Andrew. I will try to update as often as possible while I am in Europe and now pardon me, I have a flight to catch. 

Warm wishes every one

xxx Aka