Hello July!!

Hello every one, how's your June so far? If you are like me, live in Australia then I know it's getting really chilly now but I kind of cheat it a little bit this year, I am still in Croatia at the moment. June has been a very interesting month to me due to my travel experience so far. Being in Europe during the winter is more than blessing but I do have some no-so-welcome dramas in the trip as well. Maybe I was too lucky to escape to Europe during the best season, and that was my little punishment for our indulgence. So, as usual I made you a desktop calendar and wish you have a nice kick start. Stay warm my Aussie homies, and if you live in a summerish part of world then lucky you! I am actually going home by 4 flights tomorrow, and that's how I started my July. Wish me good luck too, hopefully, no drama during the trip:-) Will post my vacation photos soon when I get back, so ciao for now!

Stay in Summer forever

xxx Aka