A Vivid Day

Image by me

Hello my friend, how's Tuesday survival going so far? This time every year in Sydney has always attracted to million of people flushing into the Circular Quay to witness the magic of lights. Honestly, I am never a crowd person, I would normally avoid the crowd as much as I can to avoid being involved in a mad Sardine storm. 

Somehow, we had other reasons to happen to be in town, so why not try my new 50mm lens? I know it's not the best lens to capture dark  and far objects but I just want to see the difference between my good old kit lens and it. It's a new stage for me since I got my camera last year and I certainly couldn't get over it.  Below are the photos I too last Saturday and i quite enjoy the subtle difference with the new lens!! 

I used the motion technique, half hold the shutter and move along with the sailing boats and it worked a little. 

It turn okay in the end. The ferry rocks too much.

This was the very good reason why we were in town. Sadly that will be the last time of the Quay. I am blessed that I could share this experience with loved ones before it's closed. 

err...another expresso martini....

Every one is going to one direction, the light!

KIi's favourite

Seriously, it's more like a theme park image when the photos turn out. I guess a video will get better credit

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the day!

xxx Aka