Hello August

Hi guys, it's August already(again!). Thought I would upload tons of travel photos of Europe that I took   from my holidays but I guess you always need to save the room for unexpected things.  So a quick review about my July:

Came back from Europe with severe jet lag, well, Australia is winter so from lots sun to a little bit sun was big difference to me. But the memory in Europe is too beautiful to regret. Je ne regrette rien. I regret nothing. Even I got horrible cold and stomach problem for 3 weeks. Still, no regret. Maybe I hate my productivity a little. Hahah

Panicked about lots things to organise. Wedding, future, visa and so on. But I have finally leant to choose my priorities in life. I am always greedy, and expect myself multitasking like so many people who I admire. Sometimes you just need to slap your face, both side and hard and then bloody wake up to the reality. It's actually not as hard as I thought it would be, making priority list helped heaps. So if you are like me, want to finish so many things at the same time but end up only achieve partially on each task, this is my suggestion, make a list and try to stick with it. Once you start to stroke out a couple tasks on the list, you will feel so much better and chasing the rest of tasks without procrastination will not be too hard. 

Had some thoughts about my life, good or bad, it's a certain path to grow up I think. Look at myself in the mirror and tell myself what I really want in life, be strong, be brave and have fun.

Highlight of the month would be my snowboarding weekend away, it included lots of pain and chill air and silver white snow, and I absolutely love it. I remember the first time that Andrew took me to the snow, which wasn't a very good snowy winter in Sydney, the snow was really icy and I had so much tears because I hurt myself a lot. I constantly question myself why I like snowboarding, it's so painful since I am still a beginner and my balance is awful and it took my learning curve not so smoothy. But every fall made me less scared about falling, I stand up and try again till I finally have a click. Every single time I finally achieve a turn or run then I am over the moon. It's that simple, and this trip, I finally can do the zigzaging without freaking out. And I slowly feel better about my fear against height. I am on top of the world:) 

So as usual, I made a desktop calendar to kickstart the new month. Download it by clicking the image and enjoy the new adventure. Live a little, Life is bloody beautiful.

Have a good weekend as well guys!

xxx Aka