My Save The Date Card Design

Hi guys, how's your week so far? I have to admit that I have been really flat out at work and I honestly didn't have much time/brain cells to update this tiny little space, and I truly feel bad about myself. But, I also want to defend for myself for one reason: I have tried very hard for my very own design of the save the cards.

If you are/used to be a bride-to-be, you would definitely understand why I am so stressful, especially if you want to design everything yourself. As a creative amateur, with very little knowledge of printing, finding a proper and affordable printer was hard, deciding a certain style was fairly hard, not to procrastinate  from


was super duper hard, then I was insanely panic by all these time pressures.

Now, voila! Here I represent you my imperfect yet special save the date card, and it wasn't easy for a first timer, hopefully you can learn something from me without costing you too much time and stress. Or you can just have a laugh if you understand what I am talking about:-)

So, here comes my design below:

Why it took so long to make them? Aren't they just printed on paper with foil? Let me tell you why and there are so many factors to be aware of if you want to do your own invitations from sketch, plus  things like wax seal and gold foil stamping. Of course, the basic one would be excepting the colour difference even you have printed out on your home printer million times, it varies on what kind of paper stock and printing companies, try to imagine the worse scenarios. Now here are my tips before you send the files to your printer:

Gold foil:

Every printing company has different standard, but most of them have restrictions of the edges, don't design your design too close to edges otherwise you have to pay extra or compromise the design like me. I have changed my original design( the texts around the borders) and I absolutely hated afterwards, sometimes you shouldn't compromise your own ideas just for saving some extra bucks, it's not worthy saving that money to make you pinch you legs afterwards.

Make sure you ask for the sample first. I didn't so that because I was under the pressure and I realised it would make the whole production way better when you know what kind of material that you are dealing with. Even you thought you are late, the more you try to push it through the more likely you might miss the details.

Wax seal:

To be honestly, wax seal is not like what you saw in the show"

Game of Thrones

". It's way more trickier than you expected. If you just want to seal the envelopes with a bit significant touch, then don't mind what I said. BUT if you wish to use if as logo, or you actually hate unpredictable designs, then follow up my tips. Plus I will post an ultimate guide about making wax seal yourself without a nerve breakdown, just stay tuned. My general tips for wax seal below:

1. Try to purchase different colours of wax sticks before you decide, sometimes the colour might not look the same in real life.

 2. If you have substantial amount of invitations to do, I will recommend you to purchase the peel-and-stick wax seals. It's easy and save you a lot of hassles and time without tears and broker nails. The only drawback is you normally have to order around 250-500 ones, but you can always use them in the future events. 

Allow dramas: 

Well, besides the usual difficulties of card making, there are always something can go wrong, such as wax seal handle broken when I finally got the right hot glue gun, or burning my thumb by pealing too much wax seals and so on. It took a lot of deep breathes to keep calm, otherwise I don't know how to move on... Anyway, what I want to say is allow imperfections happened while you trying to make every thing perfect and meaningful for your big day, unless you really started very early or really experienced, otherwise there's no need for a breakdown. And if you do have one like me, then it's your other half''s job to calm you down, isn't it? Let him do his job!

Finally, I want to share the quote that I made from the bottom of my heart, I hope all of you like it. And if you think I disappear again, you can always find me on my Pinterest or my Instagram, I will be super happy to see you there!