See Ya 2015

Hi guys, long time no see! I know it's probably longest time since last post, but I have my own reason. I have this blog as personal interest to push myself to learn more to create more but my day time job has occupied most of time in this season and I seriously couldn't spare any extra energy to produce more. Plus a wedding ahead next year.

I am lucky enough that I don't have a massive wedding, but as headstrong as a stone, I rather have my own invitation which represents myself so I have to manage my invites all by myself after work every day and that was hell of stress. I could have picked some designs from some printers but on the other hand, I thought it would be the best opportunity to practice with professional printers in terms of design formats. And I learnt it in a difficult way with anxiety and tears. Who knows how thin a picture it has to be to get foil stamped properly, who knows how long the turn around really would turn around? So I had to do all the cutting, sticking, and labeling excluding the design, eventually I finally got those raw yet imperfect invitations sent out. The other tip from me is do not underestimate the festive season if you also send out all the stationaries in the same season, because lots stuff you thought it's easy to get would be run out in no time. So at the end of the day, you spend way more at the local news agency who is trying to rip you off massively. C'est la vie.

For last couple of years, I had designed my own Christmas cards, gift wrapping or tags, but look at the dates now, I am too late for making anything but I love making my own personal touches on the cards, so even this costed me 2 hours wright after I finished my wedding invites, I still hope you enjoy my simply yet sincere design. And remember, a happy life is not about the perfection, it's balance, this is one of my new year resolution for 2015. How about yours?

Other wishes on my list will be:


1. Take more photos, especially portraits. I am too shy to ask someone to pose in front of me but I truly love taking photos for people.

2. Make more cards. I have made cards for my loved ones for years, but I want to make more for different occasions. Even business cards.

3. Be more patient. I thought I am patient because I used to teach kids until I realise I am not patient for waiting good things to happen. I need to be more relax.

4. Balance. My parents told me the the stress only made us a more skilled person, I wish I can joggle between stress and productivity better and not to get too upset.

5. Love my self and don't forget that.


Above are my new year resolution for 2015, what are yours? And I sincerely wish you have a lovely time with your loved ones and I will see you next year!

xxx Aka