Postcards from Venice

Hi guys, can't believe it's November already, and Christmas is just at the corner. Time really has its magic, it flies so fast and we don't even realise it. Not sure if I have enough time to pull off one year in review 2015 in infographic style this year, but I do still have many many photos to share. Let's start with Venice trip, our first stop in Italy this year. 

We visited Venice for our honeymoon when Biennale just kicked off this May. In the beginning we just thought North Italy is closer to South France( the initial target ), otherwise the hubby wouldn't thought going there. Why? some say it's over rated, too crowed...yadiyada. And it turned out we both LOVE our experiences in Venice, the food, the coffee, and the sunsets. Make sure you have enough time walking around for Biennale, and get prepared for lost in time and alley ways. Venice is like an ultimate maze, no kidding.

If you are interested in where we stayed in Venice, I would recommend Alexandro's place via Airbnb. You can find the picture and link from my old post here. Alexandro has a passion in art exhibitions, and his handmade coffee and breakfast would make anyone's breakfast look dull.

Below are first round of photos I took in Venice, I will share the ones I took in Biennale later. Hope you will like it.

Stay romantic

xxx Aka

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