Business Hippie Has Business Cards!!

Hi guys my business cards are finally created!!!!!!!!!

I have been thinking about designing my own cards for a while and after a few rusty attempts, now I introduce you Business Hippie business cards!

Unlike my wedding invitations, this time I tend to be more simpler. Somehow simple doesn't exist in my DNA, I just had to overthink everything over and over again then of course, bang! The actual design might not cost more than a week but I looked up for inspo for weeks.

Sometimes I do feel a bit anxious in terms of designing, probably because I have learnt everything from internet so far but can't help myself thinking about there are so much to learn still. And when I thought about this, I suddenly feel not so confident. But still, I am very stubborn, despite the realistic idea of a "good" business card layout, I went for my instants. You might wonder why there's no email address on the cards, well, the reason is very simple. It doesn't look good, simple as that, people can come up here to find it anyway...

Alright, enough murmuring..I hope you guys like my business card design and I hope you have a good day!!

Stay true to yourself

xxx Aka

p.s: I am also testing my newsletter and giving this place a little bit face lift, so stay tune!!


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