The Biennale Teaser

Hi guys, how's your week so far??! Just want to share with you our experience of Biennale earlier this year. Biennale has great reputation showcasing arts across Venice from May to November every year. We were luckily enough to immerse ourselves in massive load of arts and activities during our honeymoon.

I am not into taking every single photos of every single arts. To be honest, if I really uploaded everything of entire event, every one is gonna hate me, seriously. The images below are just a little bit taste of Biennale from our perspective, and I hope you like it.

Tips for Biennale:

1. Wear comfy shoes, trust me, you have no ideas how big it is. We finished almost every galleries in one full on day and our host in Venice was really impressed. 

2. Pace up or stay longer. Oncer again, it is an enormous organisation. If you really want to digest every single arts and installations, you probably need 2 days. Not to mention Venice is like an ultimate maze. 

3. Pay attention to every building and signs that you passing by. Biennale takes place in 2 major areas, however there are quite a few venues showcasing arts in residential buildings and hidden alleyways. You don't want to be missed out.

Alrighty, I hope you got inspired and ready to book a ticket next year, or you can simply be prepared for Biennale in Sydney as well. If you have been, let me know what do you think about it. I would love to hear what you think.


Stay artistic

xxx Aka


P.s: Don't forget to check out my Instagram since I will be in New Zealand next week!!

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