One Night In Dubai

Soldier on guys, I know it's only Monday! 

I know I am so lucky that we are on holiday with family at the moment. But in order to distract you a little bit, I am sharing you some moments in Dubai during our honeymoon. I love my new homeland Australia, but the downside is this land is so far away to lots of places around the world. Last year it took us 40 hours door to door from Croatia and I have never seen my legs swollen like ballrooms. Therefore, we decided to break down the flight by stoping in Dubai for a night. 

What can you do for a night in Dubai? Of course, we have to quickly check out Burj Al Arab before it gets dark and cross this out of the list. So not too many photos and stories today, just a quick look and I hope you will like them.

Stay cool 

xxx Aka



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