My Top 10 travel Moments of 2015

Christmas is more than just at the corner, and looking back this year, 2015 is the year for many of our dreams came true.

There were struggles to learn how to let go, there were challenges to cross off, there were so many goodbyes that I hated to wave and there are more highlights than I could imagine from the start. In 2015, we are also blessed to leave our footprints in quite a few places and below are those travel highlights in 2015, I hope you enjoy them:)

1. Getting married in Palm Beach, Australia.

Well,I think it's pretty obvious choice to me because this is where I married my best friend this year. The day was replaying in my head many times like a dream you had when you were a kid. I believe a typical wedding equation is (drama + champagne)x love = happy ending. Drama? Yes, quite a few, but Palm Beach is incredibly beautiful that would conceal any imperfections! 

I will definitely go back there this summer. (hopefully) Make sure you visit the boathouse cafe, immersing in the flowers and scrumptious brunch on the deck is a must.

2. Watching sunset in Vernazza, Italy.

I believe the photos of Cinque Terre on internet spreading everywhere like wildfire, it's been described as photographer's paradise. Of course I didn't want to miss the opportunity, so I asked the hubby if I could quickly climb up to catch the last bit of sunlight right after our romantic dinner and meet me at the hill. I stood there, tied my camera on the bush( no tripod). I was so anxious for the sunset like waiting for the prey...Then hubby turned up with a bottle of wine and glasses in hands. It was so calm and can only hear the sea breeze. It was truly a magical moment, just sipping beautiful red wine with my love, and witnessed this amazing coast turning blue from gold. 

3. Exploring Kew Gardens, Unite Kingdom.

Kew Gardens was my favourite place while visiting London. Actually, I have never seen a botanic garden this energetic and full of activities. Each historic building has its own function and story, and to celebrate all the good times in summer, they have pop-up cocktail bar, silkscreen workshops, evening walks and not to mention the most famous tropical gardens. I was simply immersed myself in secret chamber with vines, leafy paths and royal stories all day, didn't really want to leave by the end of the day. This is the place I really wished hubby was there with me.

4. Lost in Venice, Italy.

Seriously, Venice is super a-maze-ing, just like Alice in wonderland where you find mazes are fascinating. It's the place you keep falling into somewhere deja-vu and have no idea where you are going. Venice is like a dreamily world with all the colours. 

Every bridge that we crossed, every turn we  decided to jump in all led to another mysterious alleyway. I love checking out those artistic posters on the wall, looking for signs on the road for Biennale adventures, and indulging ourselves with nice Italian beers. I really think anyone could be lost in Venice's beauty without trying. (Well, you do need to try to read a map...)

5. Cuisine de Province, France

You probably have noticed, we are food lovers. When we are exploring in those exotic streets, Andrew is always the one on the hunt for boutique restaurants while I wander behind.  Trying out restaurants and enjoy the vibes are great, but experiencing different culture by taking cooking lesson is another level. We were so pleased by our experiences with Barbara and her beautiful Province garden. And you know what? It's not about how good you can cook, it's about sharing the food you love and enjoy the moments together.

The perfect souvenir? How about make a fresh French cuisine to share with your family this Christmas! 


6. Queenstown down to the farm, New Zealand

I am really blessed to be a part of this big family and you know what?! Not so many families can achieve big family holiday and we made it happened. This trip was when every one gathered together, no hassles and distances. We have shared so many laughters and got to known each other better with the most incredible views, and I believe there are more to come.

7. Observing the Nice lifestyle, France.

After the perpetual train transports, we both had no wish but a decent rest by the time we arrived in Nice from Cinque Terre. Do you know how many stopover we had? FIVE. Not to mention that we have 3 massive luggages due to we tried to take care of every occasion and different climates in Europe, and there are no lifts to save your back. 

Anyway, what we love Nice is just about everything is exactly what we need. Beautiful architectures and coastal culture, alongside the everyday-is-holiday vibe with boutique restaurants and cafes. It's like going back home but people speak French. It was definitely a pinch on the leg that we couldn't stay longer, because we really enjoy our time there. 

And check out my Airbnb post about where we stayed here, the penthouse is just irresistible. 

8. Canberra half marathon completed, Australia

We bypassed this city a couple times every winter before heading down snowy mountains, but this year I finally experienced the beautiful seasonal colours by finishing my first half marathon. This leafy city is so clean and calm, and I still believe running is one of the best way to see it. 

9. Hunter Valley winery Ride, Australia

We have been so many wineries across Australia and even reached our paws to South France. However, I haven't been to the closest one near Sydney. So hubby decided to take me for a long weekend trip to this beautiful semillon kingdom. 

10. Tate Modern night, Unite Kingdom

We paid a couple of visits in Tate Modern and sincerely love the moody vibe that this gallery offered us. It's full of the experiments and characters and you know what? Our anxious and adventurous genes were everywhere in the history to be found by exactly same curious souls like you and me. And that's how I felt about London and the strangely nostalgic urge surged from the river. Odd, I know.

Alright, long story short, I am true believer that having a dinner at Tate Modern gallery while sun sinking into the river is the best way to say good bye to this cosmopolitan city.

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