New Year Resolution and See You 2016

Hi guys, Christmas holiday has come to the end and most of us still have so many things to be crossed our. Looking back 2015, is a year fulfilled with determinations, new milestones and goodbyes. And I believe every year we intend to be a better self and achieve more. Here are my new year resolution of 2016, do you have similar goals like mine?

Take more photos of portraits/ food /interiors.

Most of the photos that I took were on the road. I do love taking photos while I wandering in streets because every corner is so interesting. But I do need a little bit more of diversity and practices to refresh my vision, plus I am so envious when I saw beautiful portraits from other photographers on 500px. 

Who wants to be my model, please, let me know. I will be gentle :-P

Be patient to loved ones

Most of times I knew almost clear about what I like. Like the new kitchen style, like the bedding linen colours and I don't have super power to achieve every thing exactly like I want. So when the anxiety kicked in the bloodstream, I could be playing blaming games or retaliating the loved one. 

I need to delegate and trust people more. Sometimes it's hard to let go, but it's also important working with others with head down and embrace the difference. 

Design more

There are nothing more satisfying when I could create something from an idea to a real thing. I enjoy the struggles of determining wether change the original or just leave it simple. So my goal is to make more posters in 2016. Cross my heart. 

Improve writing

Words have so much power and magic to transform something mundane to phenomenon with the bits that we use every day. When I read some good newsletter head titles or really good sentences in a blog post, I would literally couldn't keep my mouth shut and reading non-stop with a thirst. A great example of what the Grey Attic wrote for BNKR's blog:

" For the night dancers and the daydreamers…the ones with minds that wander off the edge of the universe, for the lovers, the drifters and the universal stargazers, the night lighters, free fallers, muses filled with magic and the eternal time travellers. For the afternoons that turn into midnights, the songs that turn into memories and the moments that last forever…excuse us while we kiss the sky.           "

Be more social

Moved to Sydney and in a relationship even since actually didn't help much on expanding my social circle. Not to mention that I am a true homie and quite comfortable being alone. Get closer 

Well, living overseas and away from the family is hard, but the hardest part is to keep in touch with them. Distance is long but life is short. I need to make more efforts to share my love to them. So they know, I am still here.  Are you living far away from your family, if so, how about planning a trip for your family? MAKE THE EFFORTS.

It's a bit embarrassing to admit that some of above are my goals every year. But I am not giving up, I will keep up trying till there are other goals appears. Look forward, and move upward. 

What's your new year resolution next year?

Stay motivated,

xxx Aka