Paris J'taime vol. 1

Hi guys, Sydney has been really cold and wet, hope you guys are feeling strong, unlike me, I've trapped with all kind of sickness since I got back from Europe. Yes, I visited Paris and Croatia about one and half month ago,and the price was a massive jet lag and endless sickness. But I have to say it's all worthy! I generally have no extra energy to write down the details when I travel, just keep going and walking and filling every thing we can do into the schedule.

Somehow, the dream doesn't always go as the way you think it would be. You know why? Because Qantas airway lost our luggage. Can you believe such a big enterprise, Qantas can still cause us traveling without our baggage for 17days? Oh, well I will probably write this part in Vol.2, there are just so much about Europe and once I started I couldn't stop, hahah!

Since this blog is nothing like Lonely Planet, it's just about what I think about Paris and share with you the photos that I took. Hope you would like them:)


Paris absolutely has the the privilege to overwhelm you at every corner of the streets, the historical buildings of course, the alleyways reach to one and another, the tall gates and gentle sunlights, no wonder those photographers adore Europe so much, it's so easy to take the advantage of the natural lighting and have fun searching interesting objects to shoot. In fact we actually didn't visit all the famous spot due to our lost baggage issue, the best day in Paris would be the last day that we finally gave up waiting and just let the adventure lead us to the way it should be.