The New Build On The Old

This is Dubrovnik city wander vol. 2. We stayed in this beautiful city 4 days and I think it's perfect length to witness different phases of its beauty. We have so much fun, and there are so many things you can do.

So here's my must-do list if you are travelling to Dubrovnik:

Try the local beer and mineral water, their mineral water is the best.

Walk on the tall wall-pretend you are one of the "Game of Thrones" character battling with these incredible architecture, or just simply enjoy the endless blue, climb up to the highest point of the wall, watch local's life. Also, the residents still live with the ruins after war, and surprisingly, it's also a cat nation.

Scuba diving- experience different climate and sea life.

Save one day to sign up a day tour to near-by place such as Korcula or Montenegro. Korcula island was so called Marco Polo's hometown, and to be honestly, that place was fantastic! We had plenty free time to walk around after the guide and the restaurants near water with great mountain view was really good quality, especially you are keen for some descent food . The town also has different vibe, it's hilly and calm, and with so much history, I really recommend you to visit this town if you can! 

If there's a play on, don't be hesitate to book one! We watched one of the most famous play of Shakespeare's work" Mid Summer night's dream", it took place in the fortress, and the ceiling is the sky and you can see the sparkling from remote sea. It was breathtaking, and so hard to find other way to beat this experience, it was romantic and unique and something you can't have the same elsewhere. 

So my itinerary will be(if you are interested):

Day 1: arrive in the afternoon, then walk around to know the area and maybe book a one-day tour.

Day 2: maybe the tour or just go on the old wall walk, you can get the audio if you like. (Maybe the play or romanic dinner followed. ) I recommend this new restaurant Above Five . I really adore this restaurant, they are new, but the food quality is good, you get the most beautiful view in the old town, and staffs are so nice. It was one of the magical moments in Croatia for us.  I saw another guy trying to impress his partner, this is definitely the place if you try to impress your loved half. That will be absolutely great success.   

Day 3: Scuba diving/ bathing in the morning or just walk around the suburbs, then walk back to old town. There's beautiful alley ways and gardens walking back to Old Town.

Day 4: Take it easy, and get ready for the next destination.

Above are what we did last year, what do you think?  I hope you think our schedule would be a nice reference for you guys!

Stay experimental