The Old Starts Form The New

Hi Guys, welcome to Business Hippie! I recently decided to move my blog from Blogger to achieve a fresh look. hope you will like it. Mainly, I share my footprints during the travel, and the pieces I made, and lifestyle. The site is not fully finished yet, but c'mon, I just got married, and worked my *ss off to pay down my credit card, now I am supposed to start packing for my upcoming trip to Europe, correct, for my honeymoon to Europe, instead, I am browsing old photos to fulfil this little space.

So I came across these photos I took in Croatia last year. I had an amazing time exploring this beautiful town of Dubrovnik, every corner is breathtaking and I will have to split into different posts! I recommend you to take a short trip around the sunset time to have an entire view of Old Town, and 3 minutes walk to the War Museum, the golden light will make you lost in this old city's beauty with endless blue, and the museum told you the story the transition of city and strength after war. I apologised that I didn't know much about the war happened so recent, and after a walk in the museum, I sincerely felt for the city and blessed that we got to see this beautiful city and its people. Don't just be a passenger, knowing the history and telling the story is one of the most important part to human being, well, at least to me. 

 I have to admit that we are quite lucky, even we are like drama magnets, somehow we always found beautiful secret alleyways, forest pathways, homey restaurants with great food, and so on. I will start to document where we go more in the future. Alright, need to go back to packing, will bring back more photos and stories!! Can't wait to embrace the spring breeze in Europe, since Sydney is a bit chilly!


Stay warm


xxx Aka

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