London: Tate Modern

Hi guys, how are you doing with the crisp and chilly winter air?( If you are in southern hemisphere like Australia. ..), I cheated a little bit by escaping to Europe last month with the hubby and now I am suffering with the snotty nose and sore throat, and of course, severe jet lag:( Oh well, I did have a fantastic time so I guess I deserve it)

I got piles of photos needed to edit, and I really want to take it slowly with some of landscape photo since I tried to practise long exposure photos( unfortunately without tripod), so here are a little bit taste of my trip in London: Tate Modern.

Tate Modern is a great modern art gallery transformed by power station. We visited there twice because the recommendation from Andrew's auntie and uncle, and what make this place special is it's used to power station so they have massive advantages in using huge open spaces and the best location(it's right on river thames). They also have substantial art collections and interactive facilities. We really had a good time there, especially the way they work the art with the space with both chic and practical style. Not to mention that they have a very neat restaurant/bar above the gallery with beautiful river view.

Below are a few photos I took that night, all made me feel a bit sentimental since that was the last night in our London trip, and the light was so clear, the river was shimmering and the sky was so translucently beautiful.

Stay warm

If you have chance to visit London, Tate Modern is definitely a great choice to light up your trip,   their shop is full of gems as well, we bought 2 posters with decent price and can't wait to see them hung up on our walls! You can have a look of their site here.

Stay warm

xxx Aka

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