A Run Down Of June...


Especially when I came back from lovely European countries at this time of the year. 

Especially when every one around me is sneezy, and feeling lazy.

Especially when I walk out of office, the sunset no longer stays. 



Not just because those sweet end of financial year sales. 

Not just because I get to cook more (my favourite)spicy food to stay warm.

Not just because I am not the only one who is always sneezy, and feeling lazy. (Heheh!)


Below are what I have been doing lately in June:)


Staying in the country side with Andrew's parents. They have great acreage backyard, beautiful pets and gardens, and most importantly, it helped us to stop exeeding our weekly budget. 


Enjoying last bit of sunshine in the afternoon...

And a couple of glasses of wines are compulsory.


Splurging my dinner budget in the kitchen and super markets.

I somehow really look up the recipes online more often and explore a little bit. I guess the cold wind made me hungry all the time also promotes that drive as well. 


Our spoiled girl Kelsa. (Technically Andrew's parents')


Dianne's garden.


There's nothing to be more Australian than a Barbecue. And I am serious.

No. 7

Persimmon Season. Guys, guys and guys. If you don't know what it is, please head over to your local markets and peel it and devour it. It's one of my favourite fruits and I found it surprisingly that so many people don't know what it is. Luckily I am from somewhere subtropical, and every fruit has equal love over there.

Stay warm guys!


xxx Aka



p.s: Sadly my phone screen was broken during the trip, so I currently couldn't update my Instagram, but there are still some nice memories out there.....

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