Lately...Before Spring...

Lately, I haven't update anything, because.......I got kidnapped...................

I GOT KIDNAPPED BY REALITY!!!!!! Well, I decided to take a new path to another adventure, I decided to change my job, from a fairly busy, small front desk to freshly start-up corporate office. While looking for my replacement, and intended to train the newbie, I also have friends stayed with me for a week or so, not to mention that my other colleague was on leave, everything was basically in a big mixer, sometimes I do feel a bit dizzy about what's happening,  somehow the busy path shorten the winter a little bit.  

Luckily I still have all the supports from friends, and family, and this little place to take a step back to think and breathe, so I wouldn't go crazzzzzy. Below are what I have been up to lately. I have to admit, it was really hard to jump out the comfort zone, and  there are so many goodbyes the I hate to say, but change makes us grow stronger. 

And then spring is here, all of a sudden, I see the light leaking through the branches. There's always spring somewhere.

Stay active!


xxx Aka

Alright, these are what I have been up to..

1. Richmond rides

2. Snowboarding in Thredbo

3. Old friends in town.

4. Happy Father's Day

5. New job

6. First week of spring