Jed's Foodstore + Bondi Farmers Market

Last Saturday we strolled down to our favourite cafe in Bondi, the Jed's to accomplish my craving of Zapatista Eggs. It's so scrumptious and unique that I need to have it every now and then, especially I am that kind of person who is always loyal to my obsessions.

The reason I mentioned it today is we still get lots of friends asking where's this place in Bondi?! So I think it's easier to post a couple of photos to tempt you!!! And def go for their zapatista eggs, the crunchy corn ships mixed with rich spices and flavours is only thing you need for a late morning brunch. Make sure you asked for extra chilli, the roasted chilli is not spicy but will make the taste more pop, trust me.

Where to find Jed's Foodstore:

60 Warner Avenue, 

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Farmers Market was actually a surprise to both me and Andrew. We thought the markets on weekends are ALL THE SAME...(Shame on us!!) Just the flea markets with op clothes and so on. Who knows my long-time-no-visit idea turned out a great surprise.

Farmers markets to us are always a great BBQ topic to share with family and friends. The wholesome experiences of tasting the most freshest produced across New South Wales,  cute vintage food trucks and tongue bud blowing bakers are at your reach. ( or are your oyster?)

Do don't be slow like us, take your beach towels with you this Saturday, grab some juicy food from the truck, sipping freshly opened coconut water and sit down on the grass with sun and band. 

Just go get a wholesome summery Saturday in Bondi, my friend. Don't miss out!


Where is Bondi Farmers Market?

9AM- 1PM

Bondi Beach Public School 


Stay wholesome!

xxx Aka