Moody Food Photography: Cherry Play

Based on my 2016 new year resolution, I gave myself an assignment to shoot some still objects during Christmas holiday. But what to shoot.........So my thoughts were like this:


1. The shooting material can't be too expensive to give myself excuse to be lazy. Well, it's festive season, VERY easy to overspend.

2. Can't be too hard to get like blood diamond or Tasmania Tiger. Just kidding...

3. Delicious colours and tastes. I personally adore dark and moody vibe to contrast the richness of the objects. So my current crush black cherries are easily my go-to models!

What I found:

Cherries, peaches, a small bowl,

a tea towel, a dark chair and a big couch throw and a place near window.


After sourcing the casts, it's about the production. It's a very simple shot but this is how I did it:

1. Place the fruit a few time till I think it looks less odd.

2. Cover the back of chair and the opposite side of window with couch throw. Why throw? Because I didn't have black foam or anything else so flexible to block the strong light from window.

3. Try a few angles and keep adjust the throw to manage the light on fruit.

4. Of course, I edited them afterwards because my throw wasn't dark enough. But I had so much fun for my first planned shoot and I think anyone can find anything to achieve something technical.  


Anyways, I am happy how they turned out in the end, what do you think? 


Stay fruity

xxx Aka

p.s: Sadly the peaches didn't win the Oscar but they are still beautiful to me.

p.s 2: I think my next target is lamingtons, Aussie as!