Aussie Sweet Heart: Lamington

Happy Australia Day every one!!!

When I firstly came to Sydney, honestly I knew not much about Australia. 

I know there are terms that are more "English" than American English. (In general, we learn more American English in Taiwan.) And I heard lots about the wilderness and Great Barrier Reef.

Er...That's pretty much all I know.

Now, I have been here almost 5 years, and started spreading my roots here as my second home. After all the hardworking, language challenges, and cultural differences, now I can proudly say I am quite lucky to be an Australian. 

Alright, a bit sentimental. Now I am back to Lamington. Lamington is a very popular Australian dessert that you can find it nearly every cafe. It combines soft sponge cake and cream/ strawberry jam then covered by chocolate and desiccated coconut. I love the moist spinge texture with crunchy coconut taste, so here I am going to share you a cheat version Lamington recipe;-) 


What to prepare


  • 2 Already made sponge cake
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Fresh Whip Cream
  • block Chocolates
  • desiccated coconut.


How to do


1. Align 2 sponges together, and cut them into squire size.

2. Spread the Strawberry jam on one trimmed cake then "glue" to another one. (Just like Oreo.)

3. Microwave blocked chocolate with 20 seconds, check if it's fully melted or add 10 more seconds and so on. My aim is not to burnt the chocolate. Spread plenty desiccated coconut in another plate.

4. Use 2 folks or spoons to roll the glued cake in the chocolate bath, then move the entire covered cake to the plate with coconut gently till it's fully covered with coconut. Then you are done. Hooray.


You can swap the ingredients like Nutella, cinnamon spreads or anything you like, easy!

Finally, I hope you have a good barbie(BBQ) in a nice sunny arvo(afternoon) on this special day!


Stay Aussie As

xxx Aka