Life Lately: October

Hi guys, how's your October treating you so far? Any spooky fun for Halloween? We were suppose to be in NY but things shifted too fast so we used leaves to spend more time with the baby so it's nothing really extravagant. But if I have to rank my favourite months of the year, October is actually one of my favourite months, and I love it even more since I moved to Australia. Why? The weather is so much nicer from the cold, and all the colourful flowers can't wait to share the news that spring is here! Sometimes I just sit at my in-laws garden and watch birds playing and relax!

Having a newborn is also affecting how we normally enjoy our October. We used to aim at the Good Food Festival( still did) and tried to taste out those special/ custom menus which are just tailor made for October, especially the lunch menus that I used to try on a week day. 

It also happened that we love to travel nationally in October. ( Why sounds like October's funeral...) (Thanks to Facebook reminders..) This year I also visited in Melbourne for a short escape and this trip absolutely make me miss my mobility even more. (I am not gonna lie)  

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