Sayonara 2016 + Happy New Year Everyone!

This year, 2016, could definitely be the year that I consistently lost track, and soaked in the slippery moments. I thought preparing wedding, changing job and status last year was a massive time fastener already, but oh boy, being pregnant and then having a new born make me feel like a cactus sometimes. I have to be strong and positive, stand tall and not to drain myself out from all too hot crisis. You know what I meant? I hope so. 

This year was also the year I discovered more things that I haven't known about. The identity of being a mom, the perspective of my works, and the city accesses for babies...etc, all drew me into a different realm and I am still trying to figure out. Sounds a bit vague? It's okay, To harden my steps with a firmer attack angle is my new year resolution anyway. I hope I can bring up more what I have achieved than what I have wished for in 2017. So hell yeah, bring it on 2017, no matter what, a big shout out and a raise of glass will make the new year smell better. 

See y'all 2017

Stay motivated,

xxx Aka