Life Lately: Cluster Storm

Hello lovlies, have you enjoyed last bit of summer heat on the beach yesterday? My title has decided quite some time ago but I think it suits the rain like today, don't you think? 

Lately our life is like a mess, but in a good way. I firstly started this post at the end of February and look at the calendar now it's already April, it's just too scary to think how did all this time go. So my alibis have so much to involve, let me explain;-)

Firstly, we found that I am pregnant right before Christmas, a great way to start the hectic schedule ever since. Then I had a mental melt down(Not sure if it's hormone) which successfully to get hubby agree to renovate the kitchen entirely. Sounds a bit extreme, but our kitchen was actually falling apart, things broken down and after long day at work, I just couldn't bear it. Thanks to my make-shit-happen hubby, he contacted the supplier and builder, signed the contracts and here we go. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A DREAM KITCHEN!!! However..................

Our kitchen construction has begun at least 2 months ago, which has made us live like campers in our own apartment. We had no hot water for a while, and now I am writing this article sipping the water from a paper cup still! 

If you think it's just like the marketing lines with 3-4 easy steps and I have to poke that rosy bubble for you. It's lots of patience and time management (and maybe some mental prep and energy drinks..) involved. By saying that, we also had to find the tiles on our own, do some heavy lifting(Andrew), queue for the showers in the gym every morning and try to make it to laundromat after work (It's not close at all). Not to mention we have to sit in a corner of clusters(I call it the eye of the storm).

C'est la vie I guess. Good things don't come easy, and hard works come first( or come after to make it harder). I believe after this blast, we will love and appreciate the kitchen even more. 

Also, we took a short break to Japan and Taiwan. Japan was really cold and beautiful, and Taiwan was always where I built my character. It was great to get out and breath. Then, we came back with kitchen hardly moved, darn. Stormy days challenge take 2, laundromat and gym here we come. Not to mention I am pregnantly exhausted. Yeah.

Anyways, I just want to say Sorry for my absence here and I will try to tidy up my mess and share you some photos that I took during the trip. 


Stay calm

xxx Aka