Valentine's Week: Tutti Berry Ice Pop

Right after Chinese New Year, then it's Valentine's day lining up this weekend. Time has passed in an unbelievable way, don't you think? Or just because we love summer so much? I am a summer babe, summer is never too much to me heheh ;-)

Back to Valentine's Day, Andrew is never a Valentine's Day person. Honestly, I don't think any man is. However, romance is hidden everywhere and anywhere, it's only matter of a person's point of view. So why not try something simple yet special for a simple summery Valentine's day? It's still not too late for this festive season!

This recipe was from Martha Stewart site, but I changed blueberry to blackberry. I am sure you can play around.


What To Prepare:

  • 1 punnet of strawberries, hulled and quartered

  • 1 punnet of blackberries.

  • 1/4 cup sugar 

  • 1 1/4 cups low-fat plain yogurt


How to make it:

  • Use Blender or good processor to break down strawberries into puree. Pout it into a jar/ glass for later. My personal experience if you don't have enough strawberries in, the pulp is really coarse. I also diced some of strawberries just to have an experiment. 

  • Then do it the same with black berries.

  • Mix sugar with yoghurt, otherwise your yoghurt will taste very sour. (Unless you prefer it that way)

  • Randomly pour puree and yoghurt into ice pop mould, slightly move the stick up and down to create your own art. 

  • Make sure you make it with love. Because it's for Valentine's day. 


Tip: Don't pour your mix too full, otherwise it's very hard to get it out like mine.

Tip 2: Don't put your wooden stick too deep either, you need some space to hold it. But it's not too bad to lick the fingers afterwards. Yum.

Finally, I hope you will give a go, it's simple, easy in the eyes too! And what's your idea for Valentine's day??

Stay romantic,

xxx Aka