Shinjuku: Chilly Streets + Robot Restaurant Show

Hi guys, how's your weekend been? My whole half afternoon work just got refreshed somehow, now I couldn't remember what did I write initially, part of baby brain I guess? 

So long story short, we visited Taiwan earlier this year and detoured to Japan to have some snowboarding fun(Not me). Because hubby still has some sympathy, so we changed the original plan to stay one more day in Tokyo instead. In order to rescue me from bored to death in snow resorts, now we have extra time to explore Tokyo. 

Just letting you know, it's actually not our first time visiting Shinjuku, so this time the aim was more about chilling out and getting some rest for the long day transport next day. Also, because I am pregnant at the moment, can't be too wild;-)

The only wild thing was probably this show Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku. It's more like a theatre rather than a restaurant. (The food is basically sushi bento box so we didn't book it.) And to be honest with you, this show is a show represents how much Japanese love their imaginations and digital world. They have really distinctive styles of story telling. We really enjoyed it, it turned out quite a surprise to us. (Well, it's not our first time in Japan.)

I sincerely hope you can really check it out yourself if you are ever in Shinjuku, there's nothing like it. I won't talk about it too much, just to leave you more surprises. No spoilers.

You can book the show online with several sites and prices are not much different. Just simply google Robot Restaurants and the timetables are pretty straight forward. 


Have you been to Robot Restaurant? Do you like Japanese manga/animation? I found it quite easy to break ice with Japanese when I talked about comic books. You can try it next time.


Stay human,


xxx Aka


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