South Island Doubtful Sound Cruise

So last November we visited Doubtful Sound to worship the great nature with our love. It took a very whole day transferring in between coaches and ships to complete this journey. What do you need? A waterproof/ windproof jacket, a pair of not too fancy shoes, a good night sleep (essential) and a mug of hot coffee.(oh wait, they will prepare coffee and tea for you on the ship)

I took probably millions of photos because I was obsessed to try out HDR technique, and way too keen on testing the wide angle lens that I hired. But at the end of day, you don't need to see every single waterfall pictures to remind yourself of the trip. The other thing is Doubtful Sound is such an enormous region, I think drones would be a better tool to capture the whole beauty...

Finally, below are the photos I took and hopefully you had a feeling of what I meant.


Stay sound,


xxx Aka