Steamship experience & Walter Peak High Country Farm

Okay, here's my goal. I want to pay back my travel photo debts since last year before the baby pops out of my belly. Which means you guys will get my travel photo bombardments in a hopefully soon future. I have to confess that when it comes to self expectations, I could be a bit anal to my works and myself.(And maybe husband!) Long story short, in this post I am going to share our family trip down to Walter Peak High Country Farms in Queenstown.

Firstly, please give us an applause that we made this family trip happened with 3 families across different age ranges. The trick to move a group like this is to mix your itinerary with a day tour. A really good tour can take you to the paradise, and a bad one...just don't get me to start.

This tour was the suggestion of my sister-in-law Bec, thought steamship might be interesting for kids and cruisy way for adults walking around the farm and nature. In hindsight, it's definitely money well spent! Fun experience on the steamship, check! Easy program for all ages, check! Marvellous mountain and garden view, check! Scrumptious buffet lunch, check!  It turned out to be one of the highlights in our NZ trip. So please scroll down the photos below and join the tour (spiritually)with us!! 


Stay warm


xxx Aka