Life Lately: June

Hi guys, how's going lately? Busy doing your mid year sales shopping? Or just trying to survive in this cool change?

Our June was seriously packed with actions like a drum band, not to mention my regular Pilates classes and midwife visit. To be frankly, it was a bit intense but look, our baby girl is arriving in around 2 months time, this will be the last period that we are just a couple together. And that's exactly most people suggested us to do anyway!

So here I would like to share with you what we have been up to this June, hopefully these will give you some activity ideas!


1. We Will Rock You Musical

Musical is always entertaining and fun to us. It's like a movie but everything happens in front of you with colourful tones and lights, plus no hiccups and mistakes(We probably can't tell anyway). We Will Rock You is a show about finding inner Rock & Roll, and most of songs are very well known. You can definitely see crowd clapping their hands and humming with the songs, that's just so much fun. Also, another beneficial thing to is enjoy the pre-theatre menus in those beautiful restaurants at The Star. Bargain. 


2. Pottery Class

It may sound a bit random if you haven't done any. Lately I am really into ceramic and potteries, especially those irregular bowls and plates. So I came across this idea and found Pottery Shed located in Paddington (they moved to Surry Hills now). I was a bit hesitate(yeah, that's me. I overthink every single time, even for a pottery class...) and Andrew booked the first class straight away. You know what, I really don't know what will I do without him in my life...Anyway, It was amazing experience and so relax. After every day mundane, playing with clay on a wheel makes you focus and escape in the process, just like the colouring therapy trend! If you want to try something creative and affordable, why not give it a shot!


3. Hunter Vally Getaway (II)

The reason we have chosen Hunter Valley was the location and cost. A short trip out of your comfort zone to break the routine is always a good idea. We are both travel bugs, and a short trip somehow scratches the itch a bit. And what can a pregnant lady do in the wine country? You know what, as I said earlier, it's not about the wine, it's all about breaking the routine. You might not be able to enjoy the wine tasting, but you can still enjoy the country side with your hubby. Have some YOU moments is better than relying on Netflix sometimes, isn't it?


4.Detour To New Castle and Wollombi

Sometimes adventures begin from the impromptu acts, right? In stead of following the usual path, we decided to detour to Wollombi and New Castle while visiting Hunter Valley that weekend. I love those unexpected routes and this is something that we will do it over and over again. 


5. Calmbirth Program

I know it's a birthing course, and it sounds boring as hell. I booked it initially was because my midwife suggested us to do it. A foreigner and a first time mom like me would definitely freak out by just imaging how painful it could be. And at the end of day, Andrew and I both felt great and calm about this new mindset we have developed from the class. Furthermore, we felt more connected to each other. Within this concept, I feel joyful and excited that I can trust my husband and he will be there playing a more engaging part rather than just traditional moral support. If you think your partner has no ideas how horrified you are towards approaching childbirth, you should definitely drag him into this class. He will be amazed, trust me, just tell him you will give him a massage;-).


6. Babyshower

Hmmm it's probably not so exciting to most of you either, but I am truly grateful for the whole experience. Now I had a whole bucket of baby stuffs which will save me so much time and money, not to mention the kind advices that my Australian family and friends have given. I am the kind of person rather do everything on my own, because I am just a stubborn bitch...However, life is exhausting without others and learn to accept will only help you to grow as a better person.


Finally, just want to say June has been a fulfilling month to us. We have learnt lots of things that we didn't expect before and seen how much we are growing together. I also noticed the apparent change to our roles in life have some interesting impacts to our relationship. It's like this winter, you have a little feeling that it's getting close, getting cooler and all of sudden there's no somewhere in between. From a perspective of a wife, I think to be patient and always have faith in whom you love is very important. Just like our nursery, it will all come together eventually, ha!

Photos below are some fragments in June that I gathered, hope you like them too.



Stay warm


xxx Aka



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