En Route: Hakuba

Previously...The story started from our stay in Shinjuku for one night so I can rest from the red eye flight from Sydney earlier this year. Our original idea was heading to Hakuba by train straight away but then we found that I got pregnant. Gotta take care of this mama's flesh, right? And that's one of the best decisions we had ever made...I just couldn't sleep on the plane...literally crashed after seeing Robot Restaurants Show...

Any tips taking train to Hakuba? Well, all you have to do is just go down to Shinjuku or other major/centre train station, queue up in the visitor centre/tellers then they are more than happy to help you. Really that simple. The only difficult part was we kept getting confusing about the exit name/number near our accommodation, took us a while to figure out how to get to the main hall. Just keep it in mind that it takes 4-5 hours to Hakuba....

You might be wondering why did we choose Hakuba instead of Niseko? Oh well, this is because............WE HAVE BEEN TO NISEKO! We were simply love trying different places (have to make flight tickets worthy! ), life is so short and there are so many beautiful places awaiting ahead. It's just more interesting to have a comparison sometimes, isn't it?( I am not talking about love by the way) And if you want my opinion on which snow field is better, this post might be super long. They are just so different!

Long story short, below are the photos I took during the train trip to Hakuba, and I hope you will like them. I normally took lots photos while transferring because that's when you can see some local places, raw residential areas and even just the transferring experiences it selves. Sometimes those dramas that happened during transferring are even more memorable to us, it added spices to the overall experience, and made all the destinations seem more precious, don't you think? 

What about you?! Do you take much photos while transferring? Or you prefer a magic door that you can open up then turn out to be somewhere instantly? 


Stay on route;-)


xxx Aka