Throwback: My Very Own Wedding Invitation

Ladies and gentlemen,

After some ridiculous time, I now (finally) represent you my very own wedding invitations. Forgive my poor photo quality, these were taken almost 1.5 years ago in a rush, because I really really needed to pop them into the mailbox ASAP. Every wedding preparation involves dramas and hurdles, and mine? It's more like a test to my sanity. I hope you will like these babies born from my tears and blood (literally) and of course, enjoy the show and tell along the pictures. 

So where to begin...Let's begin with my helpless greedy personality. I always knew invitations would be an important part to me. I used to dream about being an illustrator (believer or not), and I adore papery goods, pretty stationeries and other sorts of creative crafts my whole life. So just like my wedding dress hunt, I spent probably a bit too much time on inspirations...Not sure if I should blame Pinterest..

Once again, there are no wedding without dramas. My personal advise is don't be too stress out on the invitations, and try to avoid Christmas season to send out cards. You might find it surprisingly hard to reach some guests' home...


Anyway, more details below and I really really hope you will like them and have a laugh at my struggles. It's a wedding of course, but stress is the least thing we want in a wedding, isn't it? At the end of the day, you might be the only person (me) who cares about these details! 


Stay stress free,

xxx Aka

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