Life Lately: July

Can't believe that August has gone 1/3 of it and the bun is still quite happy in the oven!

Honestly, Andrew and I probably feel relieved that this month finally finished. It has been insanely busy since we both have tons of work before we take leaves when baby comes. My bump is definitely getting huge and I finally started walking a bit like a penguin. Oh yes, we are soooo ready to see her any moment now...

So here are the major changes in our life last month and I wonder how did yours go? 

Got bigger- This month I have more hospital visits because I was approaching to the full term. It's been great to against the odds that I could get away from the most common discomforts in the third trimester. But I just don't know how to stop the numbers going up on my scale. I thought I should be having less appetite? Turned out mama herself eats extremely well and there's no sign that she will slow down, hahah! We also tried to grab any chance to eat out a.k.a some sort of "date nights" before the couple time got terminated.

Finished work- Of course it would be great to work all the way through and prove that I can still manage work life balance plus pregnancy (plus photo editing). However, when the due date is getting closer, I really feel like some personal time for myself. Since people keep telling me that it will be hard to stay energetic and way less freedom, I really wish I could have more time to stay in a more relax environment and be creative. 

The regrets- Andrew and I both experienced some losses in family and friend circles. To me, I was really struggling with my emotions so were my family. Living abroad can sound fancy like a dream to lots people, but sometimes you also paid the price by being so far away from home. My grandma passed away and it's just 4 weeks away to my due day. I really wish I could have some more time then I can bring home my little baby, even just via Skype to say hello I would be happy. I couldn't stop crying when I was in the shower for about 2 weeks, I felt bad as a daughter and grand daughter. I felt that I didn't try enough to keep in touch more often, and all that emotions and thoughts were draining me but I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even attend and help out the funeral due to my late pregnancy and distance. These all made me start to think what can I do to avoid the regrets in my life? How can I be a better person for my family? Guess love is something we need to contently express to people we care otherwise it's just like a foreign language, gets rusty and poor.

Rectified things- It's amazing how many things can be broken at the same time. And when one thing got fixed, another issue comes. We have nursery room to be painted, the blind fell off and door lock needed to be change as well. Not to mention Andrew's car got scratched and so on...Life is full of dramas and without any drams is not life. C'est la vie I think...


Anyways, just want to show you what happened in this soon-to-be-three life and hope you guys all have a nice August ahead!


Stay active,


xxx Aka



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