Snapshots In Florence

While baby is arriving anytime soon, I tended to keep myself really busy. I have done million things that even my GP is surprised that I am still this active at this stage. (38 1/2 weeks when I wrote this.) I was somehow more motivated than I used to be and I sincerely wish having the baby is going to be a game changer in a good way. (With all kind of perspectives...) So this post, I am going to share with you some snapshots in one of our honeymoon destinations last year.

Why snapshots?! Because Florence is an incredibly busy city and most of the time, I had only less than a second or I might lose my newly wed hobby in the crowd!!! Please also note that I am horrible with my travel memories even I tried to put them in the notebooks...Believe or not, I am pretty organised person in general but when it comes to my travels, I just couldn't keep up with those exotic names, time and even the food we had sometimes...(Can I say I have baby brain when I travel?!) That being said, there won't be much details/travel info with these photos in this post. I really wish someone could just tag it for me with one click...


So my personal and #notsodetailed recommendations for what to do in Florence will be as following:

1. airbnb- We stayed in an eye opening penthouse with lots of travel/vintaged collections. It's like walking into a magazine. You can see my post of our airbnb experience in Europe here.

2. Make sure you have at least 2 days (preferable 3 days) before heading down to other place. Florence is just like any other cities in Italy full of histories and amazing architectures, you can't pack everything in one day.

3. Leave a day for a day tour to Tuscany- We didn't book it beforehand but there are quite a few tours you can choose for a day trip to other cities/suburbs. I wouldn't recommend you to do the one to Cingue Terre because what I heard from other people is way too compacted and car sick!

4. Try lots of gelatos!

5. Shopping- This was something I regret tat I didn't do. Seriously. Buy yourself something, a leather purse, a dress or a pair of nice sandals. Do it, otherwise don't complain after you left the city.


Anyways, I hope you enjoy these warm-weathered photos in Florence and keep warm in this chill and wet weather if you are in Southern Hemisphere too. If you haven't heard from me for a while, well, baby happens.


Stay warm,


xxx Aka

Pic 1: I think a balcony is crucial when you choose your airbnb accommodations in Europe generally. A balcony, a bottle of wine and good company can heal anything. I meant ANYTHING.

Pic 2: It wasn't a huge kitchen but you have everything you want. They even gave us a bottle of wine and branded napkin as gifts when we arrived. We were so bribed. 

Pic3: There are lots vintage items scattered around the house as beautiful surprises. It was definitely inspirational to make me rethink what should I bring home to tell the stories during the trip apart from the photos. 

Pic4: We didn't stay in the centre of the city Florence which we constantly avoid staying in the city when we travel. This was taken while seeking a local supermarket to cook a breakfast on our own. 

Pic 5: Ponte Vecchio bridge has many boutiques and restaurants. It's romantic both day and night. However, the crowd normally swamped into this area about 11am.